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Janice Keck Literary Awards Postponed


The Williamson County Public Library regrets to announce that the Janice Keck Literary Awards have been postponed until 2016. Due to the low number of submissions in every category, the review committee has decided that no awards will be given this year. This decision in no way reflects on the quality of the submissions received, and we encourage authors who have already submitted their works to consider submitting again next year. The committee had not established a minimum number of entries, but feels that in order to insure a healthy competition, there should be a larger pool of entries.

The committee sincerely regrets any inconvenience that this decision may have caused to the authors who have used their valuable time and resources to prepare their entries for submission. We hope that they will resubmit those works to the 2016 Janice Keck Literary Awards. We will begin taking submissions in the winter of 2015, and will make an announcement at that time.

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