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Williamson County Health Department & UT Extension Offering Free Take Charge of Your Diabetes Program Workshops

For more information, or to sign up for the program, please contact Patsy Watkins, FCS Agent at 790-5721, or

Diabetes is a complicated disease that can strike fear, confusion, and helplessness in diagnosed people and caregivers. People with diabetes must deal not only with their disease, but also with the impact this has on their lives and emotions. A self-management approach to diabetes education gives people the knowledge, tools and confidence to take day-by-day responsibility of their diabetes care.

On October 21, 2014 the Williamson County Health Department and University of Tennessee Extension will be offering a free Take Charge of Your Diabetes Program workshop. The 6-week program is designed for people with diabetes and caregivers to learn basic skills necessary to self-manage their diabetes and work effectively with their health care professionals. The Take Charge of Your Diabetes Program is conducted by two leaders certified by Stanford University Diabetes Self-Management Program Master Trainers. Classes will be held every Tuesday from 1-3 p.m. at the Williamson County Public Library. This is a free class.

All sessions are held from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at the Williamson County Public Library 1314 Columbia Ave. Franklin, TN 37064

Session 1: Tuesday, October 21st
• Introduction – Identifying Common Problems
• Workshop Overview and Responsibilities
• What is Diabetes?
• Introduction to Healthy EatingBlue_Circle_1
• Introduction to Action Plans

Session 2: Tuesday, October 28th
• Feedback/Problem-Solving Session
• Formula for a Healthy Eating Plan
• Preventing a Low Blood Sugar: Hypoglycemia
• Making an Action Planwdd-300x195

Session 3: Tuesday, November 4th
• Feedback/Problem-Solving Session
• Preventing or Delaying Complications
• Planning Low Fat Meals
• Introduction to Physical Activity and Exercise
• Dealing with Stress
• Muscle Relaxation
• Making an Action Plan

Session 4: Tuesday, November 11th
• Feedback/Problem-Solving Session
• Dealing with Difficult Emotions
• Reading Nutrition Labels
• Endurance Activities
• Guided Imagery
• Making an Action Plan

Session 5: Tuesday, November 18th
• Feedback/Problem-Solving Session
• Depression Management
• Positive Thinking
• Communication Skills
• Medication Usage
• Making an Action Plan

Session 6: Tuesday, November 25th
• Feedback/Problem-Solving Session
• Strategies for Sick Days
• Foot Care
• Working With Your Health Care Professional and the Health Care System
• Looking Back and Planning for the Future

Calling Teen Artists

artistDo you like to draw, paint or sculpt? The Teen Department of the Franklin Main Library invites you to join our Teen Artists Club. This club is open to any Williamson County resident, age 12-18, with an interest in the visual arts, including drawing, painting, sculpture and more. To kick off this new club, we’ll be hosting Nashville artist Susan Eaddy and author Julie Hedlund presenting “Turning Words Into Art,” the story of creativity and collaboration behind their new book My Love For You Is the Sun.

Susan Eaddy is an accomplished artist and graphic designer, known for her three-dimensional clay “paintings,” which she then photographs to create unique illustrations. Together she and Julie Hedlund will discuss how they worked together to turn Julie’s beautiful poetic story into an equally stunning book. Combining the skills of sketching, painting, sculpting and photography, nearly every aspect of the visual arts comes into play in this amazing tale.

The Kick-off Event is open to everyone, and will be held downstairs in the Children’s Activity Room in the Children’s Department, this coming Thursday, October 9, at 4 p.m.. We hope to see you there!

About Our Artist:

Susan Eaddy is an award-winning illustrator and art director, who received a Grammy nomination for her CD cover art design (Los Super Seven, 1998), and has created numerous illustrations for children’s books and magazines.

Susan Eaddy; “ One of the reasons I enjoy clay so much is that I don’t really know how to do it.  Each illustration is a discovery process as I study nature and animals and try to figure out how to bring them to life in clay. My finished clay critters live in pizza boxes, and I suspect that they play at night while we slumber.“ (from her website, ClayThings,

About Our Author:

Julie Hedlund left a career in banking to become a full-time children’s author. She began with the award winning storybook apps A Troop is a Group of Monkeys and its sequel A Shiver of Sharks. A Troop is a Group of Monkeys was later published as a hardback picture book. Her latest book is My Love For You is the Sun with artist Susan Eaddy.

Julie Hedlund: “People often ask me why I write for children. I write for children because I want to make their lives better through books. Yes, books educate children, give them adventures, escape, and entertainment. But books also give children hope. And what could be more important and profound than that?” (from her website,

Miniature Horses at Leiper’s Fork

By Emily Anglin, Leiper’s Fork Branch Head

Cowboys and Cowgirls gathered from all over the Leipers Fork area in July to hear cowboy and horse stories at Leipers Fork’s Cowboy Story Time. I read one of my favorite stories to the children, Are You a Horse? By Andy Rash. It’s about a cowboy who gets a saddle for his birthday, but he doesn’t know what a horse even looks like! We also enjoyed an award winning book about miniature horses: Bucky & Bonnie’s Library Adventure, written by our very own director Dolores Greenwald and library staff.

Now we’ll get down to the real reason so many kids and parents were here. To see our very special guest Buddy the miniature horse from Angel Heart Farm. He was such a sweet little fellow. The children enjoyed getting to pet Buddy and have their pictures made with him. Yes, we had a horse inside the library!

What makes Buddy such a special horse? He works with children that have chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Buddy’s human Tracy Buddy4Kujawa, founder of Angel Heart Farm says that “it’s our mission to bring horses and children together for healing.” “We have created a safe and caring environment where children can experience the warmth and peace of bonding with animals, which has a positive effect in the healing process.” And that is why Buddy is such a special little guy, along with all the other horses on Tracy’s farm. Angel Heart Farm is a non-profit organization. If you’d like more information about this organization visit, if you’d like to see some books about cowboys and horses visit your local library branch.

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