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Miniature Horses at Leiper’s Fork

By Emily Anglin, Leiper’s Fork Branch Head

Cowboys and Cowgirls gathered from all over the Leipers Fork area in July to hear cowboy and horse stories at Leipers Fork’s Cowboy Story Time. I read one of my favorite stories to the children, Are You a Horse? By Andy Rash. It’s about a cowboy who gets a saddle for his birthday, but he doesn’t know what a horse even looks like! We also enjoyed an award winning book about miniature horses: Bucky & Bonnie’s Library Adventure, written by our very own director Dolores Greenwald and library staff.

Now we’ll get down to the real reason so many kids and parents were here. To see our very special guest Buddy the miniature horse from Angel Heart Farm. He was such a sweet little fellow. The children enjoyed getting to pet Buddy and have their pictures made with him. Yes, we had a horse inside the library!

What makes Buddy such a special horse? He works with children that have chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Buddy’s human Tracy Buddy4Kujawa, founder of Angel Heart Farm says that “it’s our mission to bring horses and children together for healing.” “We have created a safe and caring environment where children can experience the warmth and peace of bonding with animals, which has a positive effect in the healing process.” And that is why Buddy is such a special little guy, along with all the other horses on Tracy’s farm. Angel Heart Farm is a non-profit organization. If you’d like more information about this organization visit, if you’d like to see some books about cowboys and horses visit your local library branch.

Did You Know….The Leipers Fork Edition

By Emily Anglin, Leiper’s Fork Branch Head

The Leipers Fork branch of the Williamson County Public Library system recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.


The Leipers Fork Public Library was opened on June 14, 1989, becoming the third branch of the Williamson County Public Library System. The library was originally located in the library room of the old Hillsboro School building.


In the spring of 1999 the part of the building that housed the library was scheduled for demolition. It was then moved to the previous high school wing of the building that April, which had been remodeled along with the rest of the building. The building now houses the Leipers Fork library along with the Hillsboro/Leipers Fork Community Center.

Our branch offers year round children’s programming; we were the first branch in the library system to offer a toddler program. There is also a daily courier service so that you may have access to nearly 200,000 items system wide.

The Leipers Fork community is just outside of the Franklin city limits, less than ten miles from downtown Franklin. It’s a beautiful scenic drive — drop by some time for a visit.

Scroll down for some more photos of our 25th Anniversary celebration!!




Leipers Fork Branch presents: Leipen’ Lego Club

Leipers Fork Public Library Events-

Leipen’ Lego Club- Saturday April 12th at 1pm and Thursday April 17th at 3:30pm
Now meeting twice a month! Please join this creative club for boys and girls.
This program is FREE and open to the public.

Introducing – Lego Club Rewards
Attend any 8 Lego club meetings at the
Leipers Fork library in 2014 to receive a Lego kit prize!

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