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Book Review: The Darkest Time of Night and The Dark Above by Jeremy Finley

I was intrigued when the reviews on the back compared The Darkest Time of Night to the X-Files and Stranger Things.  Mr. Finley is also an investigative reporter at the NBC station in Nashville and I thought it would neat to read a local author. His novel is set in Nashville which makes it easy to settle into, a nice mental staycation.

It was an interesting read and the sequel, A Dark Above, has an even heavier dose of science fiction. It picks up fifteen years later and wraps things up nicely. I can’t say much of anything without giving away the ending of the first. They fit nicely together. I was able to transition from one to the other nearly seamlessly.

I enjoyed seeing Lynn grow as a character and the buddy adventure angle, with her friend Roxy added some grit and humor. I can only hope to be as stalwart a woman as the two of them, if and when I am a grandmother. I was a little doubtful about being able to be as spry as them in the sequel.  Things were pleasantly wrapped up at the end.

These books are available in print at the Library and the books are available as an ebook and eaudio in R.E.A.D.S. via the Overdrive and Libby apps.

Recommended for fans of Dean Koontz and Whitley Strieber or if you like tales of men in black and good versus evil.


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