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I Confess, I’m a Bibliophile. You may be a bibliophile if:


By Cindy Schuchardt, Reference Department

It’s National Library Card Sign-Up Month, a time when we encourage young people throughout the U.S. to sign up for their very own library cards and harness the power of reading and literacy-based learning.  For those of us who are a bit more “seasoned” and have had our library cards since dirt was invented, this month can be a time of reflection, introspection and enlightenment.

September makes me remember one of my favorite childhood books:  The Velvet Room, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.  After an unwanted move to a new home, the book’s twelve-year-old protagonist Robin finds herself exploring an abandoned old house nearby.  What she finds there – a mysterious alcove encircled by red velvet curtains – changes her life.

Never in my young life had a character resonated so completely with me! I think the main reason was that Robin was a bibliophile, a lover of books.  Here is how Ms. Keatley Snyder describes Robin’s fascination with the velvet room and adjoining library:

“Next she began to look at the books. That was only a beginning, because it would take weeks to look at all of them and years and years to read them all.  Some of the books looked very old, with their stiff leather bindings and old-fashioned print, but others seemed fairly new. She picked out a collection of fairy tales and went back to the alcove…  intending only to try it out, to see what it would feel like to curl up with a book, as if she belonged there; but the cozy comfort of the draped alcove was soothing, and soon she was deep in the story of the White Cat.”

Like me, Robin understood that magical pull of the words on the page and the other worlds to which they can transport you.  What about you?  Are you a bibliophile?

You may be a bibliophile if:

Do these descriptions ring true for you?  Well then, you are a certified bibliophile, with all of the perks, discovery, and learning that go along with that designation. Congratulations!

Library Resources for You

If you are a bibliophile, WCPL has a whole library full of resources for you! Check out our website Reader’s Corner, where you can learn about the Library’s book clubs and browse through our carefully selected booklists, website suggestions, and database offerings.

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