Guest Post: Teen Reviewer – Marquis Scruggs

Teen DVD Reviews

By Marquis Scruggs

 STEP UP 2: The StreetsStep_Up_2_the_Streets_1253827830_2008

The movie is about a kid named Tyler who was not doing so well in life, getting in tons of trouble and being in bad laces at bad times. So he found an outlet at a College of Dance. He finds a deep passion with this and sees what real friends are made of. I think that the movie teaches people that with bad comes good, you just have to find what you love and go with it. Never let the word of others stop you from being happy.

Teen Book Reviews

By Marquis Scruggs

  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Harry is getting older. And his friend Rowling is getting better. Rowling has loaded the shelves of literature and mythology creating a big bowl of additional information.The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

A girl has a sickness and her boyfriend loves her and does everything to keep her happy. She loves him cause she knows she isn’t alone.

enders_game_yaEnder’s Game

Ender is a really smart 6 year old who thinks his life is over because he’s a “third” but he stays in good mind and battles through all the challenges until he has reached his goal.


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